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    1. Model:MK2101KG
      Product Classification:Wall detector

      Product Features

      Detection function parameter

      Maximum detection   depth*            

      • Ferrous metals:100mm

      • Non-ferrous(Copper): 80mm  

      • Copper wire(4 ≥mm2 ): 40mm

      • Foreign   body(Wooden batten):20mm/38mm

      Operating humidity range:


      • Metal mode      0-85%RH                 

      • Foreign body    0-60%RH

      Laser ranging parameter

      Accuracy of measurement




      Measuring range (no reflector)


      Measuring time

      0.3-4 seconds

      Laser type


      Self-closing laser

      20 seconds

      Store the data

       30 sets of   data

      Cross   laser line parameters

      Irradiation distance

      A maximum of 5 meters is recommended

      Laser type

      620~670nm,<3mw or 510-530,<6mW

      Flare shape

      58°Cross laser line

      Line width


      Accuracy of deflection of Cross laser line


      General parameters

      Automatic shutdown time

      About 5 minutes

      The screen

      1.8 inch color screen

      Battery type and life

      400mAH built-in lithium battery, single measurement   about 5000 times

      Product size


      Operating temperature range

      0 C°~40 C°

      Storage temperature range

      -20 C°~60 C°