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    1. Model:MK2101C
      Product Classification:Wall detector

      Product Features

      Detection function parameter

      Maximum scanning depth*

      • Magnetic metal:12 cm

      • Non-ferrous metal (copper):10 cm

      • Live wire:5 cm

      • Copper wire (≥4 mm2):4 cm

      Operating humidity range:

      • Metal mode:0-85%RH

      • Ac mode:0-30%RH

      Laser ranging parameter

      Accuracy of measurement

      + / - 5 mm * *



      Measuring range (no reflector)

      0.05-40 m * * *

      Measuring time

      0.3 -4 seconds

      Laser type

      Wavelength: 620~670nm, optical power <1mw

      Self-closing laser

      20 seconds

      Store the data

      30 sets of data

      General   parameters

      Automatic shutdown time

      About 5 minutes

      The screen

      1.8 inch color screen

      Battery type and life

      600mAH built-in lithium battery, about 5000 times of   single measurement

      Product size


      Operating temperature range

      0 C°~40 C°

      Storage temperature range

      -20 C°~60 C°