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    1. Model:MK10
      Product Classification:Wall detector

      Product Features

      Technical data

      Maximum detection depth:

      Ferrous metal: 100 mm

      Non-ferrous metal (copper): 80 mm

      Alternating current (ac):50 mm

      Copper wire (4 mm 2 ):  40 mm

      Foreign body (Generally refers to the wooden block:exact mode 20 mm /deep mode 38mm


      Automatic shutdown time :  5 minutes

      Working humidity range:

      0-85%RH in metal mode

      0-60%RH in foreign body mode

      Operating temperature range: -10 +50

      Storage temperature range: -20 +70

      Battery: 1x9 volt dry battery

      The usage time : about 6 hours

      Body size: 147*68*27mm