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    1. Model:MK-213PG
      Product Classification:Laser level

      Product Features

      Horizontal precision:  ±7mm/10m

      Vertical precision:  ±7mm/10m

      Auto-Levlling range:  ±3.5°

      Laser diode:  635nm Red light  Working voltage 3V

                           505nm Green light  Working voltage7.8V

                           CLASS 2

      Auto-Levlling method: The gravity pendulum is auto-levlling.

      Anping time:  <6S

      The laser line width: <3.5mm(within 10m).

      Scope of work (radius): 12m(red light)/ 18m (green light)

      Working temperature: 0℃~+40℃

      The power supply: 2*AA battery.

      Working time: More than 8 hours (red light)

                              More than 3.5 hours (green light)

      Protection grade: IP54

      Size: 81×50×86.5 mm