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    1. Model:MKL-W01
      Product Classification:Moisture meter

      Product Features

      Screen display area size: 35*29.5mm

      Body size: 134.5*60*25mm

      The operating environment:0-40℃ humidity<85%

      Storage temperature: -20-70℃

      battery: 2*1.5 AAA batteries

      Rated current <50mA

      An alarm:

      Scanning mode:Wood>17%,Wall>70%

      Prod mode:>17%

      Prod measuring range/accuracy:

      wood: 5-50%/±2%,

      Building materials: 1.5-33%/±2%

      Temperature: 0-40℃/±2℃(32~99℉/±4℉)    

      Scanning measuring range/accuracy:

       Softwood: 0-53%/±4%

      Hardwood: 0-35%/±4%

      The relative reading value of gypsum board and masonry wall.

      Maximum scanning depth: 20mm