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    1. The first feature 7-in-1 wall detection on the market

      Release time:2023-11-21 Browse volume:

      The first multifunctional measuring instrument on the market that integrates laser ranging, wall detection, moisture measurement, measuring pen, cross laser, level detection, thermal imaging, etc., with a top 7 sets,

       it is fully functional and convenient to carry.

      Stud Finderlaser distance meterCross Laser LevelMoisture MeterMoisture MeterAC DetectorLevel detection

      Product features and uses 

      1, accurate measurement drilling worry-free, stable performance, safe and reliable. 

      2, the first set of laser ranging, wall detection, moisture measurement, measuring pen, cross laser, level detection, thermal imaging has been one of the multi-functional measuring instrument, a top 7, complete functions, easy to carry.

      3, touch color screen display, voice number, humanized interactive interface, easy to operate. 

      4, detect the metal depth, and can digitally display the depth value, can distinguish wood boundary and center. 

      5, instead of tape measure, one person operation, can be used in topographic survey, engineering survey, house decoration survey, bridge construction survey, water level monitoring, etc. It is also possible to 

      detect metals (iron and non-ferrous metals, such as non-ferrous metals) hidden in walls, ceilings and floors, wood beams and live cables. The walls, ceilings and floors referred to are conventional concrete, 

      tiles and boards. 

      Application field 

      Mainly used for decoration, office decoration and other fields, positioning steel, wood and wire in the wall, to achieve the purpose of safe drilling nails, and for terrain survey, bridge erection, ballistic analysis, building measurement, interior decoration layout and other need to measure distance, length, area occasions, heat source search, automobile maintenance.



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