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      Company profile

      jinhua maka technology co., LTD is an experienced professional designer and manufacturer of multi-functional wall detector, infrared thermal imager, laser rangefinder, laser level, humidity meter, endoscope products in the awards of high-tech enterprise and innovative patent demonstration enterprise, and has obtained ISO 9001-2018, BSCI certificates, CE/EMC, EM60825-1:2007, ETL, FCC,C-tick, ROHS, REACH etc.

      Adhering to the concept"Quality is the life of the enterprise", our company has built an experienced quality management team, the number of QC is more than 25% of the total employees. There has been a strict quality control chain from incoming material inspection (IQC), process inspection (PQC), outgoing inspection (QA) to reliability test verification (QE) to completely achieve quality control with no blind spots. We set up quick response system to collect products reviews or comments from the market and clients for any improvements and development and have successfully achieved zero customer complaints from our clients these years and been one of the quality suppliers of many famous company around the world.

      Qualification certificate

      Why choose us?

      Professional production,eliable quality

      Leading in the designing and manufacturing

      of laser meter, wall scanner, laser level etc.


      The first feature 7-in-1 wall detection on the market

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